How can letting go of things you can’t control make a significant change in your life?

Learn to let go

We live in a generation where most of the people of this generation are suffering from one major yet very unknown issue, which is letting go of things with ease. Why is it a major issue, and why is it unknown? Before we move on, let us understand what it means to let go?

What does it mean to let go?

A person can be attached to a particular thing, situation, an individual, or a particular time of his life that has a particular importance in that individual’s life. In most cases, this attachment makes the individual happy or gives him the feeling of contentment which, in true sense, we all are trying to achieve in our separate ways.

Once this feeling of contentment starts getting away, one starts feeling anxious, sad, or even in some cases, depressed. It strongly depends on how strong that person is attached. Letting things go is the ability to let that thing, emotion or people get separated from a life. And it is completely okay! Things become better when you learn to let go.

Why is it important to let go?

Say, for example, you are a boy who loves his bike. It will be very hard for you to let that bike go to scrap or to sell it to someone else. But if you look at another side of the coin, letting go of that bike will create an opening for a new bike and a new experience that might give you more happiness or content you wanted from your previous bike. It will also ease your mind from the constant pressure, tension of that bike breaking down or getting repaired.

I understand that some of you might not agree with me. Okay, I will give a better example to better explain the idea of what I am talking about. Suppose you have lived a very happy moment or a short portion of your life that is very dear to you, but since it is in the past, you can’t live that moment again and again and again. This won’t bring a sense of joy or happiness in your life. Instead, this urge will rather leave you more vulnerable.

Because life is all about gaining new experiences, it doesn’t matter whether the experiences are good or bad. I once read a very beautiful line in one of the books I read earlier, and I would like to quote,

“It does not matter how many years you lived; what matters is how much you lived”.

And holding on to the things that are close to you will only make you stop enjoying and living your life to the fullest. It may help to change the approach. Rather than wanting the same beautiful feeling again and again, try feeling happy and content for whatever that feeling was.

How will Letting Go affect you?

Let’s talk about how will letting go affect you significantly? From the moment you start to take things lightly and accept that certain things or people aren’t supposed to be with you all the time, you will realize the mental burden you had earlier starts getting lighter. A very common example from the current generation -

This generation tends to get attached to things or people very easily and do certain actions that aren’t supposed to be taken. These actions come under this burden of attachment and fear of losing that thing, person, or the feeling of contentment.

The root cause of this problem is the lack of acceptance and living in the past. People who live in the present and accept their past with pride are more happy and content in life when compared to people who get attached to things very easily and can’t let go.

Finally, How to Let go?

Some people might ask — what is the solution to this problem? Well, since the attachment can be of different kinds, the solution can also be of different kinds. But the gist of every solution will remain the same.

That gist is to live in the present and feel content about your past. It doesn’t matter whether the past was happy or sad, take it as an experience, and in the long term, you will start observing that you have gained much more confidence and self-respect for yourself.

Letting things will make you feel good, but from the growth point of view, it will open many opportunities for you. This happens when you start accepting things and situations the way they are supposed to be taken. It will broaden your horizon of thinking, which will ultimately make you more effective and open to the world.

Learn it slow, take you time, but learn to Let Go. Stay true to you! Sayonara!



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Sushrut Kumar Mishra

Sushrut Kumar Mishra


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